The wellness centre at Wanna Be A Champion golf academy embraces the holistic approach to health and performance. Our accomplished team of practitioners use all their expertise in helping each and every individual harness their inner athlete. Our team address all the areas necessary for optimal health, from injury treatment and rehabilitation with our physiotherapist, to effective prehabilitation and biomechanical work done by our Biokineticist, culminating in the conditioning work done by our team of trainers; we leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of a better you!

Our trainers use a golf-specific fitness program to improve the functioning of the body. The program addresses the key aspects of golf fitness: flexibility, stability, strength, and power. It is fairly obvious that a golf-specific conditioning program designed around individual needs is essential to improve one’s golf. Every student engages in individual programs tailored to help overcome specific weaknesses.

The results that we have achieved with our students is evident in the number of champion golfers that have been through our program and are now winning on professional tours across the globe. Our amateur students perform consistently on amateur circuits in South Africa and we have helped more than a dozen players represent their country.